Fir cones from Turkey for Christmas decoration.


This year, wholesalers in Switzerland are no longer importing the fir cones for the Christmas decorations from China, but from Turkey.

In Switzerland, wholesalers like Migros, Coop & Co want to import pine cones for decoration purposes from Turkey in the future. This was reported by the SRF consumer magazine “Espresso” on Tuesday. According to this, only the remaining stocks of Chinese fir cones will be offered this year.

Many consumers had criticized the sales of fir cones from China in the past year. Against this background, Migros and Coop have commissioned a new supplier from Turkey.

This year, Lidl will also only offer pine cone articles from Turkey for Christmas. Aldi in Switzerland had some decorative goods from China in its range. It is not known from where the goods will be obtained this year.

But there is no cone emergency in Switzerland: there are more than enough of them in the forests. But so far nobody in Switzerland has come up with the business idea of using the local cones. According to the Association of Swiss Forest Owners, the demand could be at least partially covered by fir cones from Swiss forests. Whether the fir cones from the domestic region could then be purchased at prices like those from China or Turkey is questionable, however.

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