Fans of ITV’s Emmerdale have expressed their displeasure with a ‘disappearing’ character.


Fans of ITV’s Emmerdale have expressed their displeasure with a ‘disappearing’ character.

Emmerdale has come under criticism from viewers who are concerned about the fate of a “disappearing” character on tonight’s episode.

The long-running serial continued to explore Meena Jutla’s growing romance with Billy Fletcher on Wednesday’s episode.

After being dumped by David Metcalfe for Victoria Sugden, the show’s resident villain has shifted her focus.

Billy is now single because his girlfriend Dawn Taylor dumped him because she didn’t want him to get involved in the Malone murder plan.

Although Jay Kontzle’s character still has affections for his ex-girlfriend, Meena urged Dawn to avoid Billy in yesterday night’s episode.

When Meena told Dawn that Billy had claimed he wanted to move on from her, the manipulative monster swooped in.

When Dawn saw the two together in tonight’s episode, she was upset and sought aid from a returning character.

Dawn’s relationship difficulties were discussed by Harriet Finch in several sequences during the show, and she persuaded Dawn to give Billy another chance.

“I don’t condone his behavior,” she replied, “but there are mitigating circumstances.” Don’t write him off just yet.” It was the first time the village vicar had shown on our screens in a long time, and fans flocked to Twitter to wonder where Harriet had gone.

“Has Harriet just returned from the cellar?” Matthew inquired.

“Is Harriet working as a spy now?” Doreen inquired. Is it why she refuses to give an explanation for her b*******g behavior? “A unusual appearance from Harriet,” Lily observed. “Harriet keeps disappearing,” Jordan wrote on Twitter.


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