Expert Dudenhöffer: “Oversized cars cause acceptance problems for car companies.


Car expert Dudenhöffer warns the automotive industry of acceptance problems with buyers because of oversized cars. With an increasing sales number, the car manufacturers are not only threatened with damage to their image.

The increasing number of particularly heavy and large cars could lead to acceptance problems for the manufacturers according to the car expert Ferdinand Dudenhöffer. Many people feel threatened, especially in cities, and it is precisely the particularly large models that have led to discussions with cyclists, parents and other citizens.

According to an evaluation of the registration figures, 227,000 passenger cars with an unladen weight above 2,000 kilograms were registered last year, as the head of the private CAR institute reported. Scarcely half of it are SUV thick ships like the BMW X7, Landrover, Mercedes GLS or AUDI Q8.

Dudenhöffer referred to France, where an extra motor vehicle tax is planned for especially heavy cars above 1800 kilograms. Manufacturers in Germany and other countries are facing similar threats if they do not change their tax. The professor emeritus also recommended that manufacturers should refrain from doing so in view of the threat of CO2 fines and damage to their image. “When the thick ships are booming in markets such as the USA or China and are reaping glittering profits, one should not frivolously bring these vehicles into the cramped European cities. Premium buyers will find it difficult to buy brand products that are associated with problems of social acceptance.



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