Engineers were contacted because of complaints of a weird “chemical odor.”


Engineers were contacted because of complaints of a weird “chemical odor.”

Residents in Wirral have complained of a “strange chemical” odor that has prompted them to contact engineers.

The odour of gas in the air has been reported by residents in New Brighton, Seacombe, and Wallasey, particularly overnight on Wednesday, September 15.

Some people were so alarmed by the odor that they dialed the emergency gas line, fearing a gas leak.

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“I phoned the emergency gas number last night as it was so bad around the Mount Road area last night,” one person wrote on a local Facebook group.

“Funnily enough, I awoke this morning at 6.30 because it was coming through my window and it woke me up,” another added. I called the gas company around 6.30 p.m. and have yet to receive a response.”

“We smell the gas smell a lot on Belmont Road the engineers have been out a few times and they claim they can’t find any leaks and it may be gas clouds floating over the river probably because they can’t find the source, it gets pretty strong though,” one person said.

“I also called the emergency gas line last night since it was so bad near the Mount Road area last night,” another added.

Cadent Gas, which supplies gas across the North West, acknowledged to The Washington Newsday that they had received several reports regarding a gas odor overnight near the Liverpool docks (L21).

They also confirmed reports of a gas smell in the form of a “gas cloud,” but said they don’t believe it’s related to the explosion at Birkenhead’s Argyle Industrial Estate.

“We are examining the likely cause of the gas cloud, but we have not located any gas escapes that could have created the smell,” a spokeswoman stated.

“Every now and then, we get a few reports of a gas smell in the air that isn’t related to gas at all. It could be a misunderstanding of a dock smell.” “The summary comes to an end.”


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