Emmerdale viewers laud Mandy following her altercation with Nicola.


Emmerdale viewers laud Mandy following her altercation with Nicola.

Mandy Dingle has been applauded by Emmerdale fans for telling Nicola the truth in tonight’s episode.

Jimmy King finally admitted to Nicola that he kissed Mandy behind her back in yesterday’s dramatic episode of the ITV soap.

Nicola, unsurprisingly, was not pleased with the news, and the show finished with her sending Jimmy out for the final time, as viewers hoped.

Tonight’s episode had a tense confrontation between Nicola and Mandy, who went after Lisa Riley’s character for thinking it’s OK to wreck someone’s marriage just because she’s “lonely and mourning.”

Nicola violently informed Mandy she didn’t trust her when she said “JImmy kissed” her.

“I don’t think he’d make a move at you, anyway,” she remarked. You’re a Dingle, and you’re not his type.”

Mandy erupted, demanding that she stop patronizing her before disclosing some unpleasant realities.

“Don’t look down your snout at me, young lady,” she warned.

“I was the one who told him to fight for you even though there was clearly nothing between you two. Like the mug I am, I told him to stick it and make it work.”

She then left when Nicola burst into tears, and fans rushed to Twitter to declare who they believed had won the emotional showdown.

“That’s what you told Nicola, well done our Mandy #Emmerdale,” one user said.

“I guess Mandy won that spat…#emmerdale,” said another.

“Mandy is dead on,” said a third. Not the other way around, Jimmy made a move at her. He just kissed her because he was guilty and on the verge of committing suicide.”


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