Do you want a cup of tea with a twist? Here’s how to get a taste of T4, a bubble tea expert in Liverpool.


Do you want a cup of tea with a twist? Here’s how to get a taste of T4, a bubble tea expert in Liverpool.

In the realm of beverages, something is brewing.

Bubble tea, which has been a popular beverage in the Far East for decades, is now sweeping the United Kingdom.

Indeed, an increasing number of people are developing a liking for the unusual-looking Taiwanese beverage, which combines a tea base with milk, fruit, and fruit juices before adding the “bubbles” (tapioca pearls that nestle at the bottom).

Bringing this flavor of the Orient to British shores is a passion as well as a business for, which has stores strewn across the country, including in Liverpool.

According to a spokeswoman, “T4. was formed in Taiwan in 2004 with the goal of connecting people over a cup of tea.”

“The T4. concept arose from a friendly welcome between two persons. Our goal is to make consumers and their friends happy in the UK and around the world.

“We aspire to achieve this with our delectable cups of Taiwanese bubble tea of the highest quality.”

Here’s why the T4. brand might be right up your alley…

To begin, T4 employs only the best tea leaves (whole leaves, never tea bags or powder) that are steeped for 90 minutes by their expert brewers.

T4 grows it in Taiwan’s hills and highlands at “precisely the proper elevations.”

The company also claims to employ only the finest natural components.

This attention to precision continues at the store, with artisan tea produced in small amounts under carefully controlled temperature and other conditions.

They make a new batch if it isn’t flawless.

T4 seeks out the highest-quality natural ingredients and works closely with its farmers to ensure that quality is maintained throughout the process.

Perilla Plum employs a traditional Jiuru, Pingtung recipe with lemon and kumquat. Nantou passionfruit is collected with extreme caution.

The grass jelly is prepared utilizing a series of complicated techniques with no preservatives, colors, or flavors, and each batch takes more than six hours to make.

T4. combines natural ingredients in just the right amounts to create a unique and authentically Taiwanese taste.

Bubble/jelly milk teas, specialty teas, green teas, fruit teas, smoothies, and milkshakes are just a few of the options.

The best-selling drink was developed over the course of a year of careful research and development.

“Summary concludes.” Elegant Lady Rose Tea


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