Disabled woman is confronted with a slapping club with a bloodstained blade.


Stephen Cooke bit off part of his vulnerable friend’s left ear before cutting off his right ear with a kitchen knife.

A knifeman fleeing from the police confronted a disabled woman with a bloodstained blade that was still in his hand.

“I will kill them all… cut them open like cows and show them to the farmers.”

This was observed by neighbors, and Cooke – fresh from an afternoon booze-up filled with cocaine – made his way to a nearby park.

The victim only escaped by climbing out a bedroom window of his house with the help of his girlfriend and cousin.

He also stabbed him in the side of the head and in the back while the defenseless 21-year-old lay in a pool of blood.

The shocked woman described how the 26-year-old thug “scolded and raved” and was clearly in a “agitated state.

There he met a woman on a mobility scooter walking her dog, whom he subjected to a terrible ordeal by throwing himself into a bizarre and dissuasive tirade.

The Crown Court in Liverpool heard that the disabled lady Cooke saw Cooke coming towards her on the pitch at Leasowe, Wirral, at about 4.30 pm on 9 May this year.

“She saw that he was holding a large knife in his other hand, which, as she described, was between nine and twelve centimetres long.

Charlotte Atherton, prosecutor, said: “He stopped in front of her and put his hand on her shoulder.

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“I will kill them all, kill all black people, cut them up like cows and show it to the farmers.

Cooke said, “We are friends, aren’t we? We don’t know what happened, do we? The Bizzies are after me.

The court heard that Cooke was still wandering incoherently when other members of the public called the police.

The officers described him as “verbally abusive” and said they believed he was under the influence of alcohol or drugs.

He threw the knife into the grass before the armed police arrived and held him at gunpoint.

Ms. Atherton said, “She describes that she was extremely agitated and afraid to walk her dog.

Cooke’s victim, who suffered “partial amputations” on both ears, is now suffering from recurring nightmares.

A police dog was deployed and discovered the knife in the grass while officers tried to comfort the woman.


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