Dad drank 14 cans of beer before slamming a metal pole at his partner.


Dad drank 14 cans of beer before slamming a metal pole at his partner.

A father brandished a metal rod at his long-term spouse before threatening to slash her face with a Stanley knife.

After drinking 14 cans of lager and taking cocaine, Gary Farthing assaulted Lesley Welsh for a “prolonged” period of time.

“Men who beat up their women need to know they will go to prison for it,” a judge informed him today.

Emergency services have been dispatched to a ‘event’ near Roby train station, and live updates are being provided.

Ms Welsh returned home from a festival on the morning of September 12 when she was attacked by Farthing.

According to prosecutor Paul Blasberry, the 35-year-old struck her in the face before pulling her hair, punching her, and spitting at her.

Ms Welsh then ran to her mother’s house nearby, but according to the barrister: “She then spotted the defendant approaching her. When she turned around, he appeared to be holding a metal bar in his hand. With it, he struck her on the top of her head.” According to the evidence presented at Liverpool Crown Court, the mother fell and Farthing continued to attack her with the sword.

“She was lying on the floor in anguish, helpless to protect herself,” Mr Blasberry claimed.

Ms Welsh wanted to come home because her mother was on vacation with the couple’s children.

She went to bed, but Farthing appeared five minutes later.

Mr. Blasberry stated, ” “She was called derogatory terms. She claims the defendant struck her on the head where she was bleeding, which she claims wounded her and reopened the cut, causing it to bleed much more.” She fell asleep when Farthing had left her. She went to see her mother when she awoke, who had returned home.

The two returned to Ms Welsh’s house, hoping to persuade Farthing to go.

“The defendant was holding what she described as a Stanley knife in his right hand and said, ‘You are not getting back in here, if you do, I will cut your face,” Mr Blasberry continued.

Later that day, Farthing, who had no established address, was detained.

Ms Welsh’s head, right arm, left side of her chest, and the back of her neck were all bruised. “The summary has come to an end.”


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