Customers with Sky broadband are being encouraged to check if their accounts have been hijacked.


Customers with Sky broadband are being encouraged to check if their accounts have been hijacked.

After a recent breach that put millions of devices at danger of being hacked, broadband consumers have been warned.

Pen Test Partners researcher Raf Fini discovered a weakness in Sky’s routers.

According to the Mirror, this means that millions of customers’ online activities may have been exposed.

It could be a typical issue because many users do not upgrade their router’s security.

A common issue in people’s routers, according to consumer watchdog Which?, is a lack of security upgrades.

Here’s everything you need to know about the data breach, including how to figure out if you’re a victim.

People who were targeted were readily exploited, according to Pen Test Partners, after being lured in by a phishing email that sent them to a website that contained dangerous software.

Everything, including passwords for banking sites, may be simply obtained from there.

So yet, there is no proof that people’s routers have been hacked, but individuals are encouraged to check.

The problem was said to have taken up to 18 months to resolve, putting the lives of around six million people in jeopardy.

According to a Sky representative, “We take our customers’ safety and security very seriously.

“We began working on a solution for the problem after being alerted to the risk, and we can certify that a fix has been delivered to all Sky produced products.”

Ken Munro of Pen Test Partner told the BBC: “While the coronavirus epidemic put a strain on many internet service providers, as more people switched to working from home, it’s no longer acceptable to take well over a year to remedy a readily exploited security weakness.

The following are the models that were impacted:

3rd Sky Hub (ER110)

Booster 3 for Sky Hub 3.5 (ER115) (EE120)

Sky Hub is a service provided by Sky (SR101)

Booster 4 (SR203) Sky Hub 4 (SR203) (SE210)

Anyone who had not updated the routers’ default admin password could have been affected by the vulnerability exploited by hackers.

You can simply check if your outer has been hacked by following these simple steps:

First, make sure your log-in credentials are still valid. Otherwise, the hacker may have altered them.

After that, go to your router’s dashboard and log in. The presence of an unknown device on a network could suggest. “The summary has come to an end.”


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