Coronavirus cases in Liverpool are declining, but warnings remain.


After weeks of increasingly worrying figures, Liverpool’s battle against the spread of the virus took a more positive turn as the number of positive tests fell by 739 in the seven days to Friday compared to the previous week.

Liverpool’s coronavirus cases began to decline slowly but significantly this week, which was hailed as a “glimmer of optimism” for the city.

Cases have fallen from their recent peak, but the health care system is still under immense pressure.

In a more somber development, and to confirm what many health experts have been warning for weeks, deaths that lag behind cases have continued to rise sharply.

The heads of state and government wanted to stress that people must continue to abide by the rules and regulations to contain the spread of the virus. Hospitals are also still under heavy pressure and are on their way to the normally busiest time of the year as they are already overworked.

The city’s coronavirus rate now stands at 410.4 cases per 100,000 people.

In his speech on Friday he said: “The decline in infection rates shows that we are on the right track. However, it is important that we are realistic and know that it takes time and effort to get this virus under control.

On Thursday alone there were 33 deaths in the entire region caused by the coronavirus.

However, the city’s director of public health, Matt Ashton, said the news on case numbers was positive.

“We just have to remember to follow the guidelines, and if you have symptoms, get tested and isolate yourself when you’re told to.

Level 3 rules have been in force throughout the Liverpool City Region since October 14, and residents are warned that the upcoming Halloween and bonfire night celebrations are no excuse to break the rules.

“Only if we work together can we get this pandemic under control.

There are more challenges ahead as the children return to school next week and the region faces colder weather and shorter days.

Liverpool’s more positive news came despite serious warnings for the country as a whole. Newly released documents from SAGE, the group advising the government, suggest that the spread of the virus across the country is already significantly worse than the worst winter scenario modeled earlier this year.


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