Coronavirus cases are decreasing in most parts of Sefton – but in some cases they are increasing.


Latest figures show that the infection rate in the district is 401.6 cases per 100,000 people – and in just one week (October 18-25) there were 1,110 positive cases.

Coronavirus cases have decreased again this week in Sefton.

There were almost six times as many cases in one neighborhood as in another.

However, while the overall infection rate in Sefton has decreased, an increase in positive cases has been noted in a number of neighborhoods in the district.

Liverpool now has a rate of 484.7, while Wirral has the lowest infection rate in the Liverpool City Region, despite an increase to 301 from 273.1 per 100,000 the previous week.

Knowsley still has the highest rate in Merseyside – 582 per 100,000.

For data collection purposes Sefton is divided into 38 neighbourhoods.

Twenty-five of these have seen a decline in coronavirus case numbers, with one (Ainsdale West) remaining the same – with 12 new cases.

Eight of the 12 boroughs that have seen an increase are in Southport.

Sefton’s worst affected neighborhoods are Hightown and Thornton, which include Little Crosby and Lunt for a second week.

Ainsdale East saw the largest drop in infection rates, with cases falling by 50% – from 18 to 9 new cases in one week.

The infection rate is currently a staggering 830 cases per 100,000 population – down from 697 the previous week.

Least affected by Sefton’s neighborhoods is currently Formby South West, where 8 new cases were reported in one week.

In the neighborhoods known as Formby Central and Freshfield South, the number of cases dropped from 27 to 16 – a decrease of nearly 41%.

Sefton City Council has urged residents to “stay safe” this Halloween weekend.

This corresponds to an infection rate of 145 per 100,000 people….


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