Children were caught throwing eggs at ASDA when thugs broke windows and threw fireworks on the night of the riots.


The problems began early Friday evening with the news that large youth gangs were causing problems throughout Merseyside.

Children were caught egging them in an ASDA supermarket when thugs broke windows in the Mischief Night and threw fireworks at people.

People across Merseyside have reported problems in their areas caused by groups of young people

They said: “According to reports of youths throwing eggs at Asda, Grange Road, one youth was identified by video surveillance and then spotted by officials.

On Twitter, Merseyside police confirmed that a group of children had thrown eggs at the doors of the ASDA in Grange Road, Birkenhead.

Property was damaged in the process and many were desperate about the behaviour, which affected many who were going about their business.

He said: “Parents, do you know where your children are? Wallasey tonight, one of many.”

“He was given directions and his bicycle was confiscated. He can’t return for another 48 hours.”

Elsewhere in Wallasey, a man hung up a picture of his smashed windshield and asked parents if they knew where their children were.

On Park Road North, in Wallasey, a man said, “Some people’s little darlings just knocked over my elderly disabled neighbor’s car on Park Road North.

“About eight of them on bicycles.

“So if you live in this area and your child is on a bicycle, why don’t you go and see what’s really going on there?

In another Facebook group, a woman reported that a gang of kids on Rice Lane threw fireworks at a car carrying a small baby.

When police arrived to disperse them, the gang reportedly also threw fireworks at officers.

“Then the police came and did the same to the police. No respect.

the post office said: “So the children who were dragged up just threw fireworks at the car with the newborn baby.


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