Cars smashed, buses painted and property damaged as disaster strikes Merseyside at night.


Job-related behavior took place despite the strict Level 3 lockdown measures, and police warned that there would be additional patrols and a “quick response” if anyone got out of line.

People suffered for another year from the misery of the riots at night as youth gangs caused unrest throughout Merseyside, including criminal damage and other disturbances.

Despite warnings the police had to deal with a number of incidents.

These were just some of the incidents brought to ECHO’s attention

Property was damaged, and many were desperate about the behavior of people going about their business.

The problems began early Friday night when people reported that large gangs of young people were causing problems all over Merseyside.

It was believed that on Friday night about 10 cars were targeted on George Road in Hoylake.

An elderly couple were reportedly in tears after their car was crashed by a gang of youngsters in Wirral.

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On Twitter, Merseyside police confirmed that a group of children threw eggs at the doors of the ASDA in Grange Road, Birkenhead.

In Wallasey a number of other cars were also damaged, with a man posting a picture of his smashed windshield and asking parents if they knew where their children were.

In another Facebook group, a woman reported that a gang of children in Rice Lane threw fireworks at a car carrying a small baby.

Another man said that about eight teenagers on bicycles ran over the car of his older disabled neighbor in Park Road North, Birkenhead.

When police arrived to disperse them, the gang reportedly also threw fireworks at the officers.

In St. Helens, police said they had received numerous reports of youths causing unrest in the area.

Public transport was also disrupted in many areas, and both Stagecoach and Arriva tweeted that they would avoid certain areas for the rest of the evening.

Stagecoach’s Liverpool line 20/21 was diverted along Valley Road in Anfield due to vandalism….


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