Buses are being impacted by a “perfect storm,” with routes around Liverpool being canceled.


Buses are being impacted by a “perfect storm,” with routes around Liverpool being canceled.

Many bus routes have been canceled in Liverpool due to staff shortages, the HGV situation, and tonight’s Champions League game.

The cancellations are being blamed on “staff shortages,” according to Stagecoach’s Twitter posts over the last three days.

The 86 and 86C South Parkway services, as well as the number 17 services to and from Aintree Hospital, were disrupted this morning.

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The cancellations this morning come after similar “staff shortages” on the 14A, 17, 19, and 21 lines over the last 24 hours.

Stagecoach told The Washington Newsday that the cancellations were due to a “perfect storm” of troubles rather than a single cause.

Staff sickness, including but not only related to Covid, has impacted the amount of drivers available to work, according to a spokeswoman for the bus company.

The number of drivers absent due to Covid would be consistent with local infection rates, and the shortage of available drivers “was not a Covid issue,” according to the report.

“We’re having trouble finding employees this week,” they stated. Some of it is due to Covid, but it isn’t the main problem.”

Stagecoach said the shortage of drivers was also attributable to a higher number of employees quitting due to the high earnings being offered to workers amid the HGV crisis.

Due to a combination of Covid, Brexit, and other circumstances, many grocery shelves have run out of stock and pub pumps have run dry in the UK, implying that there aren’t enough HGV drivers to meet demand.

As a result, the government is apparently putting in place a number of steps to attract more HGV drivers, while some supermarkets have upped the compensation of driver positions to tempt more employees.

Another factor contributing to today’s service disruptions, according to Stagecoach, is tonight’s Champions League group match between Liverpool and AC Milan.

Due to the requirement for extra drivers to meet the increased demand, resources had to be divided.

The operator indicated they would make some alterations to the busier route next week to help relieve some of the concerns. “The summary has come to an end.”


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