“Bride in pink wedding dress” flees from cab and then disappears into a cemetery.


On a cold Monday night nearly 15 years ago, the ghostly woman in what looked like a pink wedding dress plunged into a cab in downtown Liverpool and asked to be dropped off at Windy Arbour Road in Whiston.

A young woman in a pink wedding dress fled from her cab before paying her fare and “disappeared” into the grounds of a local cemetery.

A number of other cab drivers are said to have encountered her as well.

And there was a special sighting, on February 13, 2006, that will haunt a Hackney driver for the rest of his life.

The pink bride is believed to be buried in the consecrated ground of St. Nicholas Church, although no evidence has ever been brought to light.

She is said to have been calling cabs to be dropped off in the area for years, and although many drivers have encountered her, she has never been identified.

On the cold Monday night of February 13, 2006, a 30-year-old Hackney driver named Lewis Missenden was stopped in his vehicle on Berry Street by a young lady dressed in what looked like a pink wedding dress.

“Wait a moment while I get my bearings – I’m a bit tipsy,” she said in a well-spoken voice, giggling and then seemed to remember the destination with her eyebrows raised.

It was just before midnight when Missenden drove up and remotely unlocked the passenger door. Smiling, the brunette got in and slammed the door shut quite violently before almost falling onto the seat.

She said, “Windy Arbor Road, please. Do you know where that is?

“Oh yes,” said the passenger, and she grabbed an eyelash between her finger and thumb and muttered something incomprehensible as she gently pulled on it.

Yes, I used to live near Whiston,” said Lewis Missenden and turned on the meter: “Did you have a nice night?

Where have you been – if I may ask,” said Missenden and tried to have a pleasant conversation.

Flintlocks? Never heard of them, but these days so many clubs are springing up out of the ground that it’s hard to keep track,” said the driver. “Is that a wedding dress you are wearing?

Flintlocks – this is a crackers club, really friendly people,” said the young lady.

The girl suddenly looked at the bottom of the cab and stopped smiling. She said nothing. Lewis Missenden realized that he had somehow upset the girl with his question, so he quickly changed the subject. He asked, “Did you follow the Winter Olympics?

The girl continued to look down with a sad expression on her face. Lewis got the message – the passenger didn’t want to talk, so he turned on the radio, and during the twenty-five minutes of this nine-mile trip not a word was spoken between the driver and the passenger.


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