Bradley Walsh of ITV’s The Chase is taken aback by a contestant’s work.


Bradley Walsh of ITV’s The Chase is taken aback by a contestant’s work.

On today’s episode of The Chase, a candidate disclosed her work, and Bradley Walsh was blown away.

On Wednesday’s episode of the famous gameshow, the 61-year-old host welcomed four new quizzers.

Today’s players were Richard, Sarah, Lynsey, and Paul, who competed against Darragh Ennis for a $1,000 reward.

The Menace was in imperious form, catching Richard after a spectacular cash-builder.

Sarah was obliged to accept the smaller offer of £1,000, and she fought her way past Darragh to gain a spot in the Final Chase.

Bradley Walsh was impressed when Lynsey disclosed what she did for a living from seat three.

“Right now, I’m in charge of the governance of a project for an IT company,” she explained.

Sarah made a joke about them being able to move on from her job before revealing that she had other career goals.

“I truly appreciate my job and the people I work with,” the 33-year-old from Winchester said, “but my dream job would be to be a wedding planner.”

Bradley Walsh was taken aback by the dream job before Lynsey put in a strong performance to collect £5,000 and cement her ticket in the final round by avoiding Darragh.

Paul, a retired builder, closed off a solid team performance by defeating the Chaser, leaving three contestants competing for a total prize pool of £16,000.

In the Final Chase, the team answered 16 questions correctly and was declared the winner after Darragh could only build up 11 steps.


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