Body-worn cameras were not used to record a police shooting of a lady in Toxteth.


Body-worn cameras were not used to record a police shooting of a lady in Toxteth.

The body-worn cameras of the officers involved in the shooting of a lady in Toxteth were not activated.

The cops attempted to capture the event, which left Sonia Price battling for her life, but the devices did not launch in time, according to a watchdog probe.

Merseyside Police stated it will adjust its body-worn camera methods as a result of the Independent Office for Police Conduct finding no wrongdoing on their part in the shooting.

As the city prepares for months of disruption, the Lime Street lease has come to an end.

On July 9, 2020, about 2 p.m., emergency services were dispatched to the North Hill Street neighborhood in response to complaints of a lady tossing objects, acting “erratically,” and wielding a knife.

Officers with Tasers were initially called to the area, but after hearing of the escalating scenario, surrounding armed police officers – who also carry Tasers – offered assistance.

According to an IOPC report released today, one of the armed policemen shot Ms Price after she refused to put down her knife and approached police.

It read: “The incident log was forwarded to the force incident manager, who answered that in the first case, police wearing body armor and wearing proper personal protective equipment, such as a Taser, should attend and conduct an assessment.

“While they had not been specifically deployed, two approved firearms officers indicated that they had heard radio communications about the deployment and that they volunteered to accompany their colleagues since they, too, carried a Taser.

“The armed police officers arrived and notified the woman that they were armed policemen. They yelled at the woman, telling her to put down her weapon.

“A Taser was drawn by one of the firearms officers. The other weapons officer drew their pistol and shot the lady as she approached the cops with the knife in her hand.

“Both cops performed first aid, and the woman was transported to the hospital by ambulance.”

Ms Price, who was 54 at the time, was shot in the abdomen once.

Her health was critical, and she was only released from the hospital in June, 11 months after the tragedy.

Merseyside Police sent the shooting to the IOPC, highlighting a problem with the force’s policy. “The summary has come to an end.”


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