Beautiful” buyers of Primark coats say that their “need” is almost identical to a designer for £2,050 less.


Primark regularly updates its Instagram feed with new items that buyers can find in its stores, and earlier this week Primark made one of its newest winter coats available.

One of Primark’s newest fall/winter coats looks virtually identical to an item sold by a designer brand, with very little difference between the two designs.

Primark customers call the newly released coat “outfit targets”.

Within a few days the site has already attracted the attention of more than 40,000 people and has been filled with hundreds of comments.

The coat is brown/camel-colored and follows a blazer-style design with button-fastening to the front.

A third one added: “Oh my goodness, this coat is gorgeous”.

Among them one user said: “I need this coat in my life.”

another said, “I love Primark coats, they’re 3 Cs: charming, chic and cheap.”

At £30, the coat is almost identical to the coat sold by designer brand Nili Lotan and his ‘Matthew double-breasted wool coat’, which costs £2,080.

And a fourth said: “Very autumnal”.

Both coats follow the same style and color, the only noticeable differences being that Primark’s has two pockets on the front and Nili Lotan’s is slightly longer.

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But if you’re just looking for a coat in this style, you could save £2,050 by buying the Primark’s version.

The faux fur coat has ties at the sleeves and a button closure at the front.

Primark has caused quite a stir in recent months with its range of winter coats this year. Recently the company also shared the image of a customer wearing a simple outfit consisting of jeans, a white blouse and Primark’s long grey coat over the shoulders and matching grey low shoes from Primark.

At a price of 35 pounds, the coat was described as “beautiful” and “amazing”.


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