ATM theft gang strikes twice in one hour, but fails both times.


The group first tried to take an ATM machine in front of Orrell Park station at 10:30 p.m., but was reportedly deterred by a passer-by.

A gang tried to steal two ATMs within an hour last night, but got absolutely nothing.

The incidents caused damage, but the gangsters left empty-handed.

The group of men fled in a white transit car, which was found abandoned a few minutes later at the intersection of Aigburth Road and Grassendale Road.

The same group left empty-handed and then tried to escape with a second ATM from the BP gas station in Aigburth Road, Aigburth, at around 11:25 pm.

After being disturbed, they drove down Orrell Lane in a white van and a dark-colored car towards Bootle.

A police scene was seen in the BP garage this morning as the officers conducted their investigation.

It is believed that the men then entered a car with a black seat that was driving along Grassendale Road and turned left into Aigburth Road, heading towards the city center.

“In both cases they left the scene empty-handed, but the ATMs were damaged and we are determined to find those responsible.

said Detective Inspector Sean Kelly-Martland: “Both incidents happened within an hour and we believe the same men were responsible for both.

“I would urge anyone who was in the Orrell Park or Aigburth Road area last night and saw a vehicle or suspect to contact us.

“I also ask anyone who was in the area and has dashboard camera footage to check it if they saw anything important”.


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