A’slice of West London’ suburb 30 minutes from Liverpool.


A’slice of West London’ suburb 30 minutes from Liverpool.

Because of its abundance of independent stores, excellent restaurants, and magnificent Victorian buildings, a Chester suburb has earned parallels to affluent London neighbourhoods.

Hoole, a pleasant suburb barely a mile northeast of Chester Cross, has long been admired.

In his History of the City of Chester, Joseph Hemingway, the former editor of the Chester Chronicle, compared Hoole to the suburbs of London in 1831.

Plans to replace a “eyesore” office building with additional housing have been denied.

“It is difficult to pass this approach to the city without being reminded of the villas in the metropolis’s neighborhoods,” he wrote.

“The width of the road, the respectable and good-looking tavern known as the Ermine – the pool of water in front of an excellent footpath on the north side of the road over-hung by willow trees, and the clean and rural appearance of the neighboring cottages all contributed to fix an impression upon my mind such as I have just stated,” he continued.

Krystle, who owns Fresh of Chester florists, told CheshireLive, “You get some personalities down here.” “Everyone knows who’s who, and we all look out for one another.” As Krystle noted, a surprising number of the shops have maintained their particular identity for decades, with bosses passing the shop on to their apprentices when they retire.

“I’ve lived here for eighteen or twenty years,” she explained, “and I’ve grown up with this town.” “Sue, my first boss was an apprentice of the previous boss, who in turn was an apprentice of the boss before that.” In a similar fashion, a number of other stores have been passed down. Such is the situation at Hoole Food Market, which is owned by Leanne Shaw, who used to work as a ‘Saturday girl’ at the greengrocer when she was 13, when it was still known as Mr Fruity.

Pioneer Shoe Repairs, which has been on the street since 1900, is now owned by Jonathan Jenkins, 54, and his brother Paul, who both started as apprentices at the shop when they were in their early teenage years.

Further along Faulkner Street, past Hoole Food Market, which performs 100 home deliveries every day. “The summary has come to an end.”


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