As the point of Sadio Mane gets lost, Mohamed Salah is making FSG and Liverpool’s task more difficult.


As the point of Sadio Mane gets lost, Mohamed Salah is making FSG and Liverpool’s task more difficult.

For me, Fabinho was the player of the match. His placement was flawless, allowing him to intercept Leeds passes or sweep up in his own box.

Although the goal was a little shabby, I thought he showed some poise with the touch and finish after his first shot was blocked.

Andy Robertson, meantime, was quietly excellent. Raphinha was mostly kept silent because he didn’t put a foot wrong defensively.

Thiago is the final player I’ll mention. It wasn’t until I replayed the game that I realized he was practically everywhere. He truly exemplified class.

‘There is no doubt about that.’ – Liverpool manager Jurgen Klopp makes a Champions League boast about his team’s group.

Liverpool will have no doubts about the necessity of tying down Mohamed Salah.

On top of that, he’s a fantastic athlete who should be able to keep scoring 25 goals every season for next four years.

It’s fair to argue that his negotiation position is steadily improving.

Absolutely. To be honest, the scenes surrounding the injury were quite disturbing.

We’re waiting to see what the timing will be, but I’m comforted by the support system he’s put in place. There are athletes there who have endured some of the most devastating injuries and know what it’s like to feel helpless and anxious.

They’ll assist Elliott during the most challenging periods of his recovery.

Still, you have to question how much of an impact it will have on his growth and how much Liverpool will miss him.

Not to mention the fact that Jurgen Klopp chose him ahead of his captain on Saturday. More than just depth is being lost.

I’m ecstatic. It’s the best possible start to our group, with a tantalising home match against another European giant that we should be able to win.

It’ll be our first full European night in 18 months, and another checkbox on the return of fans list will be checked.

The goal should unquestionably be to win it.

Yes, I’d rank us fourth in the standings behind Man City, Chelsea, and PSG, but if we end up meeting one of those teams later in the campaign, it’ll be a two-legged battle.

We’ve only had one casualty. “The summary has come to an end.”


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