As Liverpool reaches a point, Mohamed Salah leaves FSG with no choice.


As Liverpool reaches a point, Mohamed Salah leaves FSG with no choice.

It was fantastic to score three goals against Leeds, but Liverpool will be left thinking how many more chances they could have created at Elland Road.

From a striker’s perspective, the one aspect of the game that bothered me was the lack of conviction in front of goal.

It could have been a repetition of our performance against Crystal Palace last season, and Leeds would have had no complaints.

We missed three sitters, but it didn’t matter because we won by three goals to none. However, if we are to win the league, our three forwards must be at their best throughout the game.

Salah left a lasting impression on me. Players will go if they want to. But we’ve reached the stage where Liverpool must do all in their power to keep him. He’s a very good player.

While other teams are focusing on signing players like Lukaku, Ronaldo, and other superstars, we must focus on keeping him.

It’s a business; you have to do the right thing at the right time, and they must roll out the red carpet because, from what I can tell, he’s back at it.

He appears to have the bit between his teeth, so let’s hope the club can work something out.

In this title race, Liverpool cannot be underestimated. Over the last three years, we’ve demonstrated what this group is capable of.

While we haven’t gone out and signed major stars like other clubs, our players are well acquainted with one another and have had recent success together.

The only concern I have is that the team becomes stale, but based on what I’ve seen thus far, that does not appear to be the case.

Alisson has been outstanding, Fabinho has been outstanding, Trent has returned to form, Thiago has been outstanding, and the front three are all capable of scoring a lot of goals this season.

United, Chelsea, and Man City all have problems with us. All we need to do now is maintain our consistency and become a little more clinical.


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