As drivers wait months for their license, the DVLA has issued a warning.


As drivers wait months for their license, the DVLA has issued a warning.

The DVLA has issued a warning that there is a massive backlog of provisional driving licenses, with some people having to wait up to ten weeks for theirs to arrive.

The agency has warned consumers that getting a new license will take a lengthy time, with the government department estimating a 6-10 week wait.

However, according to Birmingham Live, other users on social media allege they have been waiting considerably longer.

Changes to vehicle and motorcycle tests are on the way from the DVLA.

“@DVLAgovuk,” wrote @Sam Ctrlx. I require assistance, which is now urgent owing to the time constraints. I applied just after my license expired; I need a license for my job and have been waiting for it for 10 weeks; now my job is in jeopardy since they won’t let me drive the cars.” @narlyjoy wrote: “@DVLAgovuk I applied to renew my driver’s license online on September 1st, and it is still shown as ‘in progress.’ The chat bot was useless, the phone lines were always busy, and my license expired on September 29th. I’m in limbo since I can’t get an update.” “I applied for my license renewal 3 months ago and it still hasn’t arrived,” @MOHAMME28969391 added. There was no response to my emails, tweets, phone calls, or wechat messages. I’ve been trying to reach you for the past two months.” One driver claims he has been waiting for his license since May. “@DVLAgovuk,” said @Mohamme59832336. I submitted my application in May and have yet to receive a response or my provisional license.

“I’ve called, utilized the webchat, and emailed numerous times but have yet to receive a response. It’s starting to irritate me.” Paper applications dating back to the beginning of August are still being worked on, according to the DVLA’s website, but the DVLA argues that online license applications are faster.

“Please allow up to 10 weeks from the day you sent your application to acquire your driving documents before contacting us,” the DVLA says on its website.

“You can use our see driving license service to see if your new license has been issued.” The ‘licence valid from date’ will be the same as your previous license. “The summary comes to an end.”


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