As covid rates grow, Liverpool’s health chief is concerned about limits.


As covid rates grow, Liverpool’s health chief is concerned about limits.

The cabinet member for health at Liverpool City Council is concerned that rising covid rates and failing hospitals could lead to limits.

Following a “sharp and disturbing” surge in infections, the local government issued an urgent warning for citizens in two districts of the city to get tested right away.

Infection rates in Childwall and Belle Vale are both over 600 cases per 100,000 inhabitants, with Liverpool’s average rate reaching 417 cases per 100,000.

As infection rates climb in two sections of Liverpool, residents are being advised to get tested.

Cllr Frazer Lake, the city council’s health committee chair, expressed concern about what would happen if rates continue to rise and the city’s hospitals become overburdened as they combat the virus and the typical winter demands.

“Rates in Liverpool are already as high as they were at the end of January, when we were under national lockdown,” he continued, “so my concern is that fast rising infections and overburdened hospitals could lead to more restrictions.”

“So we all need to do everything we can to reduce the load on the NHS,” he added, adding that hospitalizations from Covid-19 remain high for unvaccinated persons.

“We can all help reduce the spread of the virus by taking both vaccine doses and being tested on a regular basis – both of which take less than five minutes.”

Matt Ashton, the city’s public health director, expressed alarm about increased infection rates among the city’s over 60s, an age group particularly exposed to the virus’s severe effects.

“Being double vaccinated remains the best way to prevent yourself from becoming seriously ill or spreading it to others – whether or not you’ve had the Covid-19 infection before,” he continued, “so I also urge people to get vaccinated as soon as possible and to continue wearing a face covering in crowded areas or in places where they can’t easily socially distance themselves.”

If you test positive for covid, visit the Liverpool City Council website or call the freephone Covid Advice Support Line on 0800 169 3032 to find out what resources are available. “The summary has come to an end.”


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