Any Tesco customers who use their Clubcard at the checkout should be aware.


Any Tesco customers who use their Clubcard at the checkout should be aware.

Tesco customers have been missing out on loyalty points due to an issue with their Clubcard.

Customers are claiming a ‘glitch’ with the supermarket’s famous loyalty program, which means they are missing out on money-saving opportunities at the cash register.

Tesco credit card holders usually receive points or discounts immediately without needing to scan their Clubcard.

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According to BirminghamLive, Apple Pay is not automatically integrated.

According to The Times, Apple Pay users are losing Clubcard points, and they aren’t thrilled about it.

“Paid for a shop today with my credit card/Clubcard using Apple Pay and looks you can’t link the Clubcard prices to the credit card/Clubcard meaning you miss out on the Clubcard discounts,” one customer wrote on Twitter.

“Can you clarify why Clubcard points are no longer collected when paying using Apple Pay?” asked another.

“There is no problem with the phone; the tills just don’t recognize the Clubcard, and ApplePay doesn’t even recognize any card when hovered over the reader,” said a third.

“My Clubcard on my Apple Pay says ‘not recognized’ and doesn’t seem to work on your tills,” a third wrote. Tesco in Newmarket refused to assist me, and I walked away with no points, but Ely graciously entered my card number so that I wouldn’t lose out on any deals.”

“Information on Apple Pay is in the welcome handbook, as well as on our website and online community pages,” a Tesco representative stated.

“We can adjust it if a consumer does not receive their entire distribution of points and discounts.”


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