Anger over “rats”, which aim at firemen, since the behavior “gets worse from year to year”.


Joe Cunliffe, Station Manager of Merseyside Fire and Rescue Services, said “Already this year, firefighters have been exposed to physical and verbal attacks in the course of their duties.

ECHO readers expressed concern and anger over jobs that attacked firefighters in the run-up to Halloween.

The police will increase their patrols throughout the city to prevent anti-social behavior.

On the night of last year’s disaster, bricks, eggs and fireworks were thrown at emergency responders who responded to incidents throughout the city.

Last year, people were injured and thousands of pounds of damage were caused by jobs in the run-up to Halloween.

Last week, fireworks were thrown at a group of vulnerable people in the Birkenhead area and police reported that officers at the Beechwood estate were targeted. The riots were reported on October 22.

Elizabeth Moran said: “Is there any respect at all? These people save lives,” said Elizabeth Moran.

During an incident in Garston, a center for assisted living was attacked by young people, causing great damage.

Now ECHO readers have expressed their real anger at the jobs that target emergency responders at this time of year.

said Ant Hogan: “It gets worse every year.

Pat Long said: “It gets worse every year: “They know there is no punishment for what they do, so they don’t care. These kids need to go to boot camp and learn discipline.”

Davina Jameson said, “It’s getting worse this year, the rats don’t care.”

Trevor Nelson said, “This year there will be no mischief, the kids are smart and they care about the coronavirus”.

However, some readers thought that shutting down Merseyside this year would prevent trouble.

said Gareth Jones: “The kids won’t be out this year, the parents will have told them.”

This year the police have announced that there will be additional patrols on the streets during the upcoming Halloween and bonfire night.

“We know this is another sacrifice we have to make, but now is the time to pull together, follow the lead and help stop the spread.

“We are committed to finding the right balance between protecting people from the spread of the coronavirus and ensuring that they can still enjoy this time.

Chief Inspector Peter Clark, who is leading this year’s operation for Merseyside Police, said: “As you know there are a number of rules and restrictions in relation to Covid-19 – this means that the scheduled demonstrations and events we normally attend will not be taking place this year.


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