Amok joke: Police sends 13-Jährigen calculation over 45.000 euro.


The Hamburg police sent a 13-year-old a bill for 45,000 euros because of a threat of amok attacks by telephone. The joke had caused a massive police operation at the school.

After an amok threat at a school in Hamburg, the police sent the 13-year-old perpetrator a bill for 45,000 euros.

“We are legally obliged to charge the costs of the operation,” the officers announced in the Hanseatic city on Tuesday. Therefore, the corresponding notice of charges has now been issued. In June, the telephone threat of the young person had led to a massive police operation at the school.

Armed officers cleared the area in the Mümmelmannsberg district and blocked off streets before it became clear that the announcement was not meant seriously. The perpetrator, who is not yet of criminal age, was identified during the operation. He had sent the threat from his cell phone. Even then, the Hamburg police spoke of an “expensive joke”.



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