Almost a third of the people who do not follow the Tier 3 rules in surveys.


The survey was conducted after the announcement that the controversial ban on opening gymnasiums would be lifted.

A survey carried out by ECHO revealed that almost a third of respondents did not comply with the strict Tier 3 restrictions imposed on the Liverpool City region.

The re-opening of gyms was welcomed.

A large majority (61%) also agreed to allow the opening of gyms.

It found that 67% of respondents complied with the Tier 3 restrictions, which prohibit people from socialising with people they do not live with or with whom they have not formed a support bubble, whether indoors, in private gardens or at most outdoor restaurants.

A total of 59% of respondents said that gyms should not have been closed in the first place. Closure was also rated highest, as it was the most ineffective measure to control the spread of corona virus, at 49%.

This removed the anomaly that the Liverpool City region was the only area in Tier 3 to ban this activity.

The reversal brought Liverpool into line with other areas such as Lancashire and Greater Manchester – where gyms were exempt from restrictions.

The measure that received the highest approval (34%) was the closure of pubs and bars.

And as for lifting one of the existing measures, the response that received the highest approval (27%) was none of them.

While there was also general agreement to keep schools and universities and churches open, there was no appetite to extend local restrictions to other businesses or institutions – 54% were against.


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