All coronavirus test rules and when you should do a coronavirus test.


Government guidelines state that if you test positive for the virus, or if you are prompted by NHS Test and Trace to isolate yourself, you are required by law to isolate yourself.

Liverpool has one of the highest rates of coronavirus in the country, with Tier 3 restrictions currently in place throughout the region.

Here you will find everything you need to know about corona virus testing and when to have one done

Here you will find everything you need to know about coronavirus testing and what you should do if you have performed a coronavirus test.

While some of us have had experience with a coronavirus test in the last few months, others are not yet familiar with the rules surrounding testing and how it works.

The government says that you can also get a free NHS test if you have been asked to do so by a local council or if you are participating in a government pilot project.

You should get tested as soon as possible if you develop symptoms of the virus.

These include: high fever, new or persistent cough, and loss or alteration of your sense of taste or smell.

You can also have a test done for someone you live with if they have symptoms.

“The test must be done in the first 8 days after symptoms appear,” says the NHS.

If none of the above apply to you, you can pay for a private test.

“You do not need to do a test if you have no symptoms or if you have other symptoms,” says the NHS.

The same applies to people they live with and people in their support bubble.

The NHS instructs all people with symptoms who take a test to stay at home until the results are available.

They do not have to isolate themselves unless they are contacted by the NHS Test and Trace, but they should be particularly careful to follow government guidelines on social distancing and hand washing.

If the people you have come into contact with also develop coronavirus symptoms, they must isolate themselves and get tested as soon as possible.

The NHS says that you may also need to tell others with whom you have had close contact in the last 48 hours that you may have corona virus.


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