Aldi’s ‘beautiful’ £3.99 Special Buy buyers say you ‘must buy’.


The 3.99 pound item is even compared to more expensive brands, with many buyers believing that the Aldi version is better.

Aldi has caused a lot of excitement among its customers thanks to one of its beauty specials called “must-have purchase”.

It was celebrated as a “turning point” and many believe it is better than more expensive brands.

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It has proven so popular that it is not completely sold out online. Aldi advises customers to check in at stores instead.

It is his vitamin C hot cleaner that has caused so much excitement. The item was originally released online either as a single bottle or a two pack for £7.98.

One reviewer said, “This is a great cleaner. Smells fabulous and leaves a pleasant feeling of moisture on the skin”.

Among the reviews it is clear why it sold out so quickly, as customers describe it as a “turning point” and “beautiful” product.

A third added: “A changer I always bought, Liz Earle Cleaning & Polish & Toner saw that fraction of the price, so I didn’t expect the same result. “Wow, not foaming, leaves such soft skin, followed by the C Vit Gluttoner Aldi for me, which from now on contains great natural ingredients and has not been tested on animals.

said another, “I love this product, the smell and texture are great, it has freed daughters’ faces from acne, which the expensive brand did not. We will stick to that from now on”.

And a fourth one said: “The absolute best cleanser and make-up remover… I love this product because of its so good quality”.


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