After worries about pedestrian safety, e-scooters will soon emit a warning noise.


After worries about pedestrian safety, e-scooters will soon emit a warning noise.

Artificial noise will be introduced to e-scooters in Liverpool after concerns were made about the danger they pose to pedestrians, particularly partially sighted and blind persons.

The electric scooters in Liverpool’s year-long trial will emit a “low hum” to inform other road users that an e-scooter is approaching, according to Voi, the operator.

The noise is similar to the synthetic engine noise found in electric vehicles.

Near-misses involving e-scooter riders and the visually handicapped have already been documented by the ECHO.

The sound will be added to 60 e-scooters in Voi’s three main cities, Liverpool, Birmingham, and Bristol, where the trial is going place.

The use of noises on scooters is part of a larger project with the Royal National Institute of Blind People (RNIB) to better understand the needs of blind and partially sighted pedestrians during e-scooter testing.

Local governments and the Department of Transportation will receive data from the pilot locations.

General manager of Voi UK and Ireland, Jack Samler, said: “Electric scooter motors, like those seen in electric cars and buses, are incredibly quiet, which can be distracting to other road users.

“We can ideally increase the safety of our operations for all road users, including those who are vulnerable due to sight loss, by providing an appropriate sound.

“This is the most recent pilot in our relationship with the RNIB to address the mobility difficulties that blind and partially sighted persons encounter. We’re excited to put the new sound to the test in the West Midlands, Birmingham, and Liverpool, and see how it affects people during the trials.”

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