After the expulsion of the Travellers, work begins on an empty villa on the harbour.


Pictures have been published showing what the “luxury” apartments will look like at the long awaited Andrew Gibson House in Wallasey, with the first 34 units hopefully completed in spring or summer next year.

Work has finally begun on a historic Edwardian mansion overlooking the Mersey River. The “luxury” apartments are now listed on the market and are scheduled for completion in 2021.

There have been several delays in the development of Andrew Gibson House, including the construction of the camp by travelers last month

The Wallasey building project, which has been lying idle for a decade, has planning permission to convert it into over 100 plush apartments overlooking the Mersey to Liverpool.

Last month, travelers were evicted from the property, with Weightmans lawyers acting on behalf of developer Prospect Capital following complaints from neighbors about anti-social behavior and unrest.

“The attention to detail is unparalleled, Gibson House has regained its historic splendor while retaining a modern elegance throughout. We are so happy that they have succeeded in saving this beautiful building and breathing new life into it.

The settlement is to be called Gibson Park, and Wirral real estate agent Karl Tatler has been appointed to market the houses.

Rachel Jones from Karl Tatler’s Land and New Homes department told BusinessLive: “We have been working with our client on this project for over 12 months and I can honestly say that this is one of the most exciting developments I have ever worked on.

Andrew Gibson House, overlooking the Egremont Promenade, is well known to anyone familiar with the Mersey River coast.

Originally built more than a century ago for the widows of sailors and men lost at sea, most of the building on Seabank Road is now being preserved and rebuilt.

In subsequent phases, three additional blocks will be built within the site, bringing the total number of houses on the property to 136.

The first phase of the development will consist of 34 apartments to be installed within the existing structure, each with one to three bedrooms.

She added: “Our client has really done everything to achieve this, and this is evident from the outstanding designs.

There are also four single-family homes on the site, one of which will retain the extension of the original lodge house. Ms. Jones said each of these homes has been designed to provide “a versatile and luxurious living space”.


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