After his son discovers something in a pond while magnet fishing, his father calls the cops.


After his son discovers something in a pond while magnet fishing, his father calls the cops.

While fishing at a pond in a Merseyside park, an eight-year-old child discovered a rifle.

On Tuesday, Oscar Wilks-Heeg was at Crosby Duck Pond on Victoria Road West when he discovered the alarming discovery.

He’d gone magnet fishing in the pond with his father, Liverpool University professor Stuart Wilks-Heeg, and his friend, Dr Steven Daniels.

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According to Professor Wilks-Heeg, who spoke to the ECHO, “Oscar had lately seen a YouTube video on magnet fishing, so I decided to bring him along.

“My lad was only the one who threw the magnet in the appropriate location because it was Steven’s equipment.

“Obviously, the discovery was reported to Merseyside Police, who came to check it, determined it had no known links to unsolved murders, and then took it away to be destroyed.”

Dr. Daniels, a lecturer at the University of Liverpool, believes the pistol was manufactured in the 1890s or early 1900s and sold to riders as a dog deterrent.

He told the ECHO that he attracts fish on a regular basis and that the best bodies of water are in congested places.

He stated, ” “The magnet is double-sided and powerful enough to propel a shopping cart.

“I opted to go to Crosby’s duck pond since it’s bang in the center of a built-up area and I figured there would be some findings there.

“Oscar tried a few times before the pistol came!

“I’ve been doing magnet fishing with friends for about three years, and it’s a lot of fun and relaxation – it’s also a thrilling treasure hunt, because you never know what you’ll find!

“It’s also helping to improve the water quality; invoices from the scrap yard show that we’ve removed around 4 tonnes of metal in total.”

The police force in Merseyside has been contacted for comment.


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