After her fifth “miracle baby,” the mother pledges to get sterilised.


After her fifth “miracle baby,” the mother pledges to get sterilised.

After falling pregnant again while on the pill and having a third “miracle” baby after her husband had a vasectomy, a mother of five has decided to get sterilised.

After Kate Harman became pregnant with their fourth child, Lottie Harman, despite being on contraception, she and her husband Dan Harman opted to have the operation.

However, three years after the treatment, the 39-year-old received the ‘shock of her life’ when she learned she was expecting.

After being teased by Home Bargains employees, a disabled woman is in tears.

The beautician miscarried, but the couple tried again, and she became pregnant with Buddy, who is now two, just weeks later, believing it was fate that they were supposed to have more children.

He’s been dubbed the couple’s “miracle baby” since he was conceived after a vasectomy, which is meant to be 99 percent effective, and he survived despite risks that physicians advised her to undergo an abortion.

The loving mother claimed she’ll get sterilised early next year after the “totally insane” chain of events, however her business entrepreneur husband added that if she falls pregnant again after that, “it’s meant to be.”

“The possibilities of having another kid after the vasectomy, and then having the miscarriage, I just think he is my miracle baby,” Kate, of Biggleswade, Bedfordshire, said.

“I believe we may be the unluckiest pair when it comes to contraception, which is why I’m getting sterilised.

“I did some research and found out that not all sterilizations are 100% effective, so Dan has already declared that if I get pregnant after the sterilisation, it’s meant to be.”

The 12-year-old beautician claims she was on the pill when she became pregnant with her eldest son Charlie, 20, and believes her IBS symptoms or medicine interfered with the contraception.

The 39-year-old was hesitant to try the pill again, but after receiving assurance from a doctor, she did.

“I went on the pill and got pregnant with Lottie six months after having Stanley,” Kate explained.

‘I’m not going on any more birth control,’ I stated after we had our little girl, who was also a surprise.’

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