After a two-hour standoff, a woman shouting from a pub roof was apprehended.


After a two-hour standoff, a woman shouting from a pub roof was apprehended.

Police grabbed a lady who had been yelling and tossing objects from a pub roof for two hours.

At around 4 p.m., emergency services were dispatched to the Chepstow Castle pub on County Road after reports of a woman on the roof.

A wide cordon was set up covering County Road, Hale Road, Romley Street, and a section of the Jack’s grocery car park, with paramedics and fire services joining the police on the scene.

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According to The Washington Newsday, the woman had been drinking earlier in the day in the tavern and was ordered to leave before climbing onto the roof.

Merseyside Police reported that she then began ranting and throwing items onto the road.

At the scene of the event, two fire engines, a search and rescue vehicle, five police cars, one police van, a negotiator, and two ambulances were present.

“We can confirm that officers are in Walton dealing with an incident this afternoon, Thursday 16 September,” a Merseyside Police spokesperson said.

“At around 4 p.m., a report was received of a woman throwing items and shouting on the roof of the Chepstow Castle bar on County Road.

“County Road, Hale Road, and Romley Street are all closed while we deal with this incident.”

Buses were diverted and traffic was rerouted away from the scene during the event.

The woman descended from the roof after a two-hour standoff and was apprehended by authorities.

The cordon was lifted at 6 p.m., although a number of police cars remained on the scene for a short time while authorities conducted investigations inside the pub.

“A female has been detained, and the matter is now resolved,” a police spokesperson told The Washington Newsday.


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