After a fantastic Liverpool goal, Michael Owen and Peter Crouch drool over Thiago.


After a fantastic Liverpool goal, Michael Owen and Peter Crouch drool over Thiago.

Pundits Liverpool’s Thiago has been hailed by Peter Crouch and Michael Owen after he scored a ‘impossible’ goal against Porto.

With a fantastic half-volley early in the second half, the midfielder gave the Reds the lead.

Thiago’s goal was only his second for the club since his arrival in September of last year, but it was a well-received one.

“It’s one of those strikes,” says the narrator. Crouch, an ex-Liverpool striker, told BT Sport: “You can look at this from every angle and spend 10 minutes on it.”

“He hit it so cleanly; it’s such a difficult skill to maintain.” Players and bodies are obstructing his path.

“It’s really a fantastic strike from such a wonderful, talented player to keep that low and as far in the corner as you can possibly go.”

During his tenure with the Reds, Owen scored over 150 goals, but none quite like Thiago’s, according to the man himself.

When asked if he could score a goal like that, the former Liverpool player said, “No!” It’s quite impossible to hit it in that manner.

“On that pitch, there were only one or two players who could’ve scored that goal,” he said.

“He’s such a technician and a wonderful striker of the ball that if the ball was bouncing and you said, ‘pick one person to hit it,’ I would have said Thiago right away.”

“I believe he is a player’s player. Those who play with him undoubtedly respect him more than the stats or the fans will show.

“Thiago is unique. He’s a true baller, and there are only a few people you get to play with throughout your career who are truly unique.” On 70 minutes, Mohamed Salah secured the win for Jurgen Klopp’s side, who now have a perfect record in the Champions League this season with five victories from five games.


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