After a 20-foot-deep sinkhole collapsed, the road will be closed for weeks.


After a 20-foot-deep sinkhole collapsed, the road will be closed for weeks.

After a 15ft by 20ft sinkhole forced part of a Liverpool road to collapse, it could be closed for several weeks.

A water main burst on Green Lane in Old Swan on Friday night, sending water flowing down the street and forcing residents to flee their houses.

Several postcodes were also without power, though it is unclear if this is related to the sink hole.

United Utilities later stated that customers’ supplies had been restored while repair work was continuing.

The water company warned today that due to the scale of the damage to the highway, restoration work is expected to continue for several weeks.

It’s still unknown what caused the water main to burst, so a section of the pipe will be cut and transported away to find out.

“Our staff worked hard over the weekend and were able to maintain supply using other areas of our integrated water network,” a representative for United Utilities said.

“Right now, we’re excavating down to uncover the pipe in order to assess the damage. A sample of the pipe will be removed and sent away as part of this process in order to determine the root cause of the rupture.

“Due to the size of the burst, the roadway has sustained significant damage, and we will most likely be present in the region for the next few weeks. In the interim, a detour has been established.

“We will continue to work with the surrounding community and businesses to minimize interruption as much as possible, and we appreciate everyone’s patience at this time.”


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