Aamir Khan recalls the time when his family was ‘almost on the roads’


On the 20th anniversary of his debut production, Lagaan, actor Aamir khan recalled the time when his father was near bankruptcy and how he never wanted to become a producer, but ended up producing one of the biggest films in Indian cinema, Lagaan.

In a media interaction, when Aamir was asked how he looked at this journey and what are the future plans for the production house, he said.

“I come from a film family, I’ve seen my uncle make movies, I’ve seen my father making movies. My father was a very enthusiastic producer, a good producer. But he didn’t know how to do business, so he never made any money. And he only had problems. One film took eight years to make, another took three years. He was in great debt, and I’ve seen my father go through enormous financial crisis. He was almost bankrupt, and we were almost on the roads. We were small that time. I remember, the phone used to ring, and people would call and ask for their money. He used to tell them that he’s put the money in the film, and this conversation would go on for three-four years.”

Revealing the reason why he never wanted to be a producer Aamir said,

“One day, my mother told me she woke up in the middle of the night and saw my father searching for something in his cupboard. She said, I asked him what are you looking for and then he said ‘my graduation certificate’. ‘I have finished all the money and I’m going to go bankrupt. So, we will be on the roads. I’m losing the house, I’m losing everything. So, I need to take up a job, I have to earn money. A man in his 40s is telling his wife that I’m looking for my graduation certificate. This was our situation. I have always said no, I won’t ever produce a film. But I ended up producing. Why did that happen? I didn’t want to produce. When Ashu (Ashutosh Gowariker) came to me with the film which I loved, I kept thinking who will produce this? Which producer will give the resources correctly to make Lagaan like this? No name would come to my mind. Since I didn’t know any producer who would do it that time, I said I’ll have to produce it. So, I became a producer by accident, I had no intentions of being a producer.”

However, Aamir admitted when he made ‘Lagaan’ he realized that producing a film gives him more creative liberty as he is able to do things the way he wants and that is why he decided to set up his own production. So far Aamir has produced many films, documentaries, and a show under his production compay Aamir Khan Productions.

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