A travel expert explains which day of the week is best for booking your vacation to save money.


A travel expert explains which day of the week is best for booking your vacation to save money.

The best time to schedule your next vacation has been discovered.

After Transport Secretary Grant Shapps confirmed a relaxation of the travel limits earlier this month, UK jetsetters will be looking forward to their next exotic adventure away.

The amber list was eliminated, and the red list was reduced to only seven countries, according to the most recent release.

Fully vaccinated visitors only need to take one test when they return to the UK: a ‘Day 2’ PCR test after landing.

When should you arrange your next vacation now that the restrictions on international travel are easing?

Expedia’s vacation experts collaborated with Airlines Reporting Corporation (ARC) to perform a study to determine the most cost-effective time to plan your next trip.

According to statistics, 20% of Britons are presently looking for money-saving strategies, and a survey found that the best day to book a domestic ticket is Sunday rather than Friday, when travelers can save up to 20%.

If you’re planning a long-distance trip, travel experts suggest that booking on a Sunday rather than a Friday can save you 15%.

In order to save money on their next vacation, 45 percent of vacationers are willing to be flexible with their travel plans, according to statistics.

According to Expedia, November is the best month to fly domestically.

Travelers who fly in this month can save up to 45 percent compared to those who fly in March.

When compared to traveling in December, the greatest time to depart for international travel is September. Holidaymakers can save over 40%.

When it comes to lodging, Friday has the lowest daily fee for domestic trips.

Wednesday is the cheapest day of the week for international travel. This saves you 5% on the most expensive day of the week, Saturday.


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