A man bit and cut off the ears of a vulnerable friend in a cruel attack.


Stephen Cooke, 26, launched a “gruesome” attack on Liam Ford, 21, after a cocaine-driven afternoon bender.

A man bit off part of his vulnerable friend’s left ear before cutting his right ear with a knife.

He partially amputated his victim’s ears with his teeth and a knife.

The frightened victim, his partner and cousin fled the blood-splattered house by climbing out of a bedroom window.

Then he dragged Mr. Ford into the kitchen, where he took a nine centimeter blade and partially amputated his right ear.

The victim was sleeping in bed with his girlfriend when Cooke woke him up and sank his teeth into his left ear.

D.A. Charlotte Atherton said that “everyone involved drank,” and medical records suggested that Mr. Ford used cocaine.

And armed cops pounced on him after the “ranting and raving” knife-wielding man confronted a dog walker on a mobility scooter.

The Crown Court in Liverpool heard that Mr. Ford had “a number of weaknesses” and called Cooke from Mill Lane, Liscard, a friend.

Ms Atherton said the victim later told police that there had been “an argument about some drugs and that this was the reason for the incident”.

Neighbors heard Mr. Ford arguing with a woman at his home in Grant Road, Leasowe at about 2:30 p.m. and then a “fight” at 4:00 p.m.

He woke up and saw Cooke standing over him, screaming, “I’m going to fucking kill you,” and said he had tried to reason with him, but Cooke had gone “crazy.

Cooke dragged Mr. Ford into the hall and trampled on him before the victim “crawled” into the kitchen where Cooke “chose a knife.

Ms. Atherton said, “He says the defendant grabbed him on the bed, bent over, bit his left ear and then put him in what he calls a ‘collar’.

He cut off part of his right ear, stabbed him sideways in the head and back, then beat him and trampled on him repeatedly.

She said Cooke “lay down on him, beat him and smashed his head on the floor,” and Mrs. Cloy screamed, “He’s dead, stop it!

Casey Trevitt, Mr. Ford’s girlfriend, heard his cousin Lauren Cloy scream, “Get off him,” and found her partner “on the floor in a pool of blood as he tried to get up.

Mrs. Cloy was asleep in the front room when she heard her cousin call her name and found Cooke banging his head against a countertop and strangling him.

She tried to intervene, but said Cooke had warned her, “Do you want to be next?”

The court heard Cooke answer, “Do you want to be next? “I don’t care, I’m the skinniest guy in the world, but I can do it with you”…


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