A little boy who grew up to become a gang boss’s “trusted lieutenant”


A little boy who grew up to become a gang boss’s “trusted lieutenant”

For nearly two decades, a Southport man has been linked to crime as a “trusted lieutenant” in a cocaine group.

Jordan Gelling was a member of the “High Parkers” gang, which was commanded by well-known gangster Nathan Ball, according to evidence presented before Liverpool Crown Court yesterday.

Jordan Gelling, 30, of Southport’s Lytham Road, guilty to conspiring to distribute cocaine and cannabis.

The Southport man was sentenced to nine years in prison. During a hearing on Monday, his brother James, who was also a member of the gang, was sentenced to eight years in prison.

Jordan Gelling had a “major role inside the organization with both operational and management roles throughout the supply chain,” according to prosecutor Zillah Williams, and had “engaged others through pressure and intimidation.”

Jordan and his brother James are both well-known in the community, with a history of violence and chaos.

Jordan was targeted by town opponents three years ago.

He was working at Jo Kelly’s News & General Store in Bispham Road on the night of May 30, 2018, when Jack Wall and Kallum Rimmer barged in.

Wall was caught on camera with a lock knife and Rimmer leaping over a fridge in an attempt to apprehend Gelling in the shop.

Outside the shop, the two thugs caught up with their target, and Gelling received two knife wounds to his buttocks and arms.

Despite being treated in a hospital, Gelling refused to cooperate with police.

Gelling was involved in a fight with the guys, according to the evidence presented before Liverpool Crown Court.

Prosecutor Sarah Gruffydd testified at the hearing that both men assaulted Gelling.

Wall and Rimmer were identified on CCTV, and Rimmer’s DNA was recovered on a bottle he was holding in the shop.

Wall’s lawyer, Barrister Charles Lander, gave some details of the attack.

“The fact that Mr Gelling refuses to cooperate with the police may tell a lot,” he remarked. Mr Wall provided the background, which your honour has read.

“That man has spat at Mr Wall, pursued him down, and there have been issues with that individual.”

Judge Flewitt acknowledged that there was “background,” and that they might have been looking for Gelling because of a previous incident, but that was not the case. “The summary has come to an end.”


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