A gunman is on the loose after opening fire at a family’s home.


A gunman is on the loose after opening fire at a family’s home.

A gunman who opened fire on a house in a “reckless” shooting that could have resulted in tragedy is still on the loose, according to authorities.

On Sunday night, Merseyside Police were called to East Damwood Road in Speke “after reports of a loud noise being heard.”

After shots were fired at a house in Speke at 11.20 p.m., detectives issued a witness appeal.

Years of peace in the former gun violence hotspot are over after a targeted shooting at a family home.

The property’s glass was damaged, and police claimed that while no one was hurt, the shot was “very reckless and could have resulted in catastrophe.”

A family of three is thought to live on the property, according to neighbors.

It was Speke’s first gunshot in more than four years.

Merseyside Police announced today that the “investigation is ongoing” and that no one has been arrested in connection with the heinous crime.

In the 15 months leading up to July 2017, 11 shootings in the Speke area were tied to rival gangs.

It was recognized as a gun crime hotspot in January 2017 and was visited by a big Merseyside Police convoy as a show of force against armed criminals blighting the region.

During the unrest, homes were fired at, and victims were targeted at work and on the street.

Several of the attacks put innocent individuals in danger, especially children.

Guns had been silent in the area since a house on Eastern Avenue was damaged by shotgun rounds on July 4, 2017.

The peace came after Operation Bombay, a large police operation that removed key members of the East Side Boyz gang from the streets.

“We’re keen to speak to any witnesses or people who have since heard any information,” Detective Inspector John Fitzgerald of Merseyside Police’s Firearms Investigation Team said shortly after the incident on Sunday. Check your CCTV, dashcam, or other devices if you saw or heard the incident or anyone fleeing and come forward.

““At first glance, it appears that this was a targeted attack, which fortunately did not result in any injuries. It is exceedingly dangerous to shoot a rifle in a residential area.” “The summary comes to an end.”


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