A drunkard with a knife chased some youths and shouted: “I will kill everyone.


Przemyslaw Polak, 36, had drunk lager and vodka on Tuesday evening, January 21 this year.

A drunkard with a kitchen knife chased a gang of young people down the street screaming: “I’m going to kill everyone!”

After drinking vodka and lager, he lost control when a gang of youths harassed his neighbor.

Mark Phillips, the prosecutor, said: “In the area around Upper Parliament Street, the accused was chasing a gang of youths.

Polak of Grierson Street, Toxteth, admitted that he was insulted in public during the incident at about 10 p.m. and that he had owned a knife.

And he “lost control” after troublesome teenagers started banging on the doors and windows of his neighbor’s house.

Mr. Phillips said that his actions caused “serious concern and despair” and suspected that Polak “had the intention of causing fear of very serious harm” and that the case had become even more serious due to the fact that he was chasing teenagers.

“He was in possession of a large kitchen knife at the time. He also admitted drinking lager and vodka, and while chasing the youths he shouted ‘I will kill everyone’.

The Crown Court in Liverpool heard that the Polish citizen did not answer any questions during his arrest and interrogation.

It said that any judge who simply reads the facts of the events without this background information would not hesitate to send his client to prison, but it was “a completely isolated incident and something that is completely and wildly out of the ordinary”.

Jo Maxwell, the defense attorney, admitted that it was a serious crime, but said that a pre-sentencing report and four character references from neighbors and their family members and from work colleagues showed “what a gentleman Mr. Polak is.

Ms. Maxwell said Polak had no criminal record and was accompanied by his “loving and supportive partner” who was in the public gallery.

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She said he had worked as a delivery driver at B&M for five years and was described as caring, hardworking, friendly and polite.

Mr. Riley said: “That night my father called me to tell me that a gang of children were knocking on his doors and windows and that he was scared.

Mrs. Maxwell said a reference from Anthony Riley, whose father lives near Polak, described him as a good neighbor who looks after his father and sees if he needs any shopping.

“Mr. Polak was on his level with his partner, who was desperate by what was happening. Mr. Polak asked me: “Why don’t they just leave us alone?”

Mr. Riley said he had managed to get Polak to go back to his house, although he was still “desperate” before Mr. Riley went to talk to the young people.

“He asked me to come down to him and stay with him. I saw a group of about 20 to 30 young people at the top of the street laughing and shouting things towards their father’s house….


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