99% fully vaccinated healthcare workers remained safe: Fortis study


More than 99 per cent of the healthcare workers at Fortis who received both doses of COVID vaccine did not face severe outcomes like ICU care or mortality post vaccination.

Fortis said that after receiving both the doses, only 6 per cent staff got infected. Amon those who got infected, 92 per cent were mildly infected, while 7 per cent developed moderate illness requiring oxygen support and only 1 per cent developed severe illness requiring ICU care/ventilation.

In the absence of an established cure for Covid-19, mass inoculation through safe and effective vaccines along with Covid appropriate behaviour are the best tools to control the pandemic and reduce fatalities.

Studies indicate that vaccines not only reduce the risk of getting Covid-19, but also prevent severe outcomes of the disease such as ICU admission and fatality.

Vaccine efficacy is generally reported as relative risk reduction (RRR). Studies have already demonstrated that being vaccinated against Covid-19 significantly reduces the risk of being infected.

For example, in clinical trials, 95 per cent vaccine efficacy would indicate vaccinated individuals will be 95 per cent less likely to get Covid-19. If 1 per cent of the unvaccinated population develops Covid-19, getting the vaccine would reduce chances of getting Covid by 95 per cent, resulting in a 0.05 per cent infection rate.

India’s Covid vaccination drive commenced on January 16, 2021 with priority given to healthcare workers in the initial phase.

However, in anticipation and preparedness for vaccine rollout in India, Fortis Vaccination Plan-1 was formulated well in advance for early implementation.

At Fortis, till recently, more than 20,000 (direct and indirect) employees had taken the first dose while more than 16,000 had taken both doses of Covid vaccine.

As per the preliminary assessment of the healthcare workers at Fortis between January and May, a period which included the peak of the second wave of the pandemic in India, vaccines did offer protection against the SARS-CoV-2 virus, Fortis said.

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