72 lost schools, which were all closed or demolished.


The memories of the former students will outlive the brick and mortar buildings in which they were built

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Over the years, many schools in Merseyside have been closed, demolished or merged with other neighboring schools.

You never forget your school days – but for many of us, the buildings where we spent our childhood have long since disappeared.

But even though the buildings may have changed, the beautiful memories of our school days remain forever.

And we were inundated with more than 1,000 responses from former students who wanted to share their memories of their lost schools with us.

We asked ECHO readers to share with us their former schools that have since been closed or demolished or whose names have changed.

We have done our best to locate all 72 schools listed below – and some still exist, but only in different locations or have been rebuilt in the same place.

said Chris Stott-Yates: “Notre Dame Everton Valley – so I wanted to go in and look around before it closed, but we weren’t allowed.

said Rosa Doran: “Notre Dame High School Everton Valley – St. Johns Kindergarten and St. Johns Girls School on Walton Road”.


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