47 million adults in Germany use Youtube.


Every month 47 million people in Germany watch films on YouTube. The use of the video platform increased by 15 percent during the Corona crisis. This led to a plus of 3.8 billion in advertising revenues.

Youtube reaches 47 million adults in Germany every month. This is according to figures from the market research company GfK, which were published by Google on Wednesday. If you add the use of the video platform via smart TVs, which is not covered by GfK, the figure is even higher, said Youtube manager Andreas Briese at this year’s Youtube Festival, which was moved to the Internet because of the Corona pandemic.

During the lockdown due to the corona crisis, the use of YouTube had increased by 15 percent. This is the result of internal measurements of Youtube. At the peak of the crisis in mid-April 2020, 32 percent of the German population had indicated in a survey by Kantar that they were using even more online videos and thus also YouTube.

The increased use of the video platform was also reflected in the latest quarterly balance sheet of the parent company Alphabet. While revenues from Google’s advertising business shrank by around two percent to 38.3 billion dollars, advertising revenues from YouTube developed positively. Here there was an increase of six percent to 3.8 billion dollars.

Briese said that education-related content and tutorials were particularly in demand this year. This content had also been popular in previous years. “However, they were in even greater demand due to the Corona crisis.” During the Corona period, however, fitness instructions (“Workout at home”) also increased.

The economic ecosystem around the Google video platform YouTube in Germany has now almost reached the dimensions of the German film industry. According to a study by the British market research company Oxford Economics, jobs in the region of 25,000 full-time positions in Germany depend on Youtube. “The German film sector employed 38ö.000 people last year”, said Youtube manager Briese.



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