24 family days that everyone from Liverpool will remember as a child.


Whether they were near home or farther away, there were certain family outings that absolutely everyone enjoyed as a child.

No matter where you come from or how old you are, there are certain day trips that we all remember from our childhood in Liverpool.

These will remind you of the places we visited as children and the happy memories we had with the family.

But many of these experiences are cheap and simple pleasures that generations of children have enjoyed with their parents and siblings.

Some of them may be more recognizable depending on the era you grew up in, with certain attractions changing over the years.

Many of them involved simple things like a picnic in the park or a day at the beach, but as long as you had your family with you, it was guaranteed to be a laugh.

We thought about some family outings that everyone will remember as a child and tried to bring back some fond memories of past summers.

Here are 24 family trips that everyone from Liverpool will remember from their childhood.

Whether it was special treats like a visit to the Harry Ramsden’s, which used to be on the banks of the Mersey, not far from Pleasure Island, or afternoons spent a felt fortune in tuppence pieces, they were all happy memories.

Let us know if we missed any important day trips that you remember in the comments or on Facebook when you were out with your family.

It may be technically a hill and not a mountain, but it certainly felt like a mammoth trek when you were a kid.

Many remember being told about the bimbo on the top of Moel Famau and come back as soon as the place is mentioned.

You spent most of the day harassing your parents to let you buy cotton candy, lollypops or a load of candy from the old Woolworths, while in between you were thrilled by all the arcade games and rides on offer.

Southport Pleasureland has provided thrills for generations, and for more than 100 years, children have been able to explore this popular amusement park.

Southport has always provided family fun – and we all remember sunny summer days enjoying the pier, the arcades and (most importantly) the candy.


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