23 old Liverpool traditions that we wish we could bring back


But other old customs have fallen a little by the wayside as life goes on and the way we spend our time and communicate with each other changes.

There are certain traditions of which we in Liverpool are proud, from good old-fashioned customs to respect for the elderly.

We received hundreds of comments from people who listed the old customs they missed

Hundreds of comments came from people who suggested the old customs or ways of life they missed or wanted to stick to.

We asked Echo readers to contact us and tell us the traditions they felt were worth holding on to – and we were overwhelmed by the extent of your response.

Things like sitting outside on the front steps and chatting with the neighbor or a large pan of Scouse in case someone comes by will have been an important part of many people’s lives.

Here is what you had to say when we asked you what traditions were worth holding on to.

Some of your suggestions were old traditions that have been somewhat forgotten, while others are for the most part still alive and well preserved – but we need to make sure that we hold on to them.

The responses from ECHO readers have reminded us how lucky we are to be able to call Liverpool our home and share it with so many like-minded people.

“Keep the trash in your pocket until you get home” – Nathan Hazel

“Everyone’s gathering on the street for New Year’s” – Derek Ellison

See what happens, where you live

“Just respect and manners, that’s all” – Elizabeth Lynch

“Our humor, our kindness and our compassion for others and for each other. And do not forget our sincere loyalty to our city and to each other!” – Christine Elgumati

“Take care of your older neighbors and keep an eye on your neighbors’ houses when they are not there” – Barbara Weston

“Watch out for your neighbors and the Liverpool humor. To help anyone who needs help” – Chrissy-Arth James

“People are nice to each other, the front doors are open and the old Liverpool humor” – Susan Reynolds

“We drive to Moreton and bring home in the train two black garbage bags full of cockles. We could have] cockle butties and cockle curry, but you didn’t know how lucky we were then – it didn’t cost anything, but God knows how much two tons of cockles cost today” – Mark Cullen.


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