Zynga: Off for cult game FarmVille.


Adobe had announced that it was discontinuing Flash support for web browsers. This also means the end for the cult game FarmVille.

Zynga’s big game hit FarmVille will be discontinued on Facebook by December 31. The company announced this on Monday in its support blog. The reason for this is the announced end of the Adobe Flash Player, which is necessary for the game. However, the continuation of the free lifestyle sim FarmVille 2 will continue to run on cell phones.

“We are aware that many of you have been with us from the beginning and have helped build an incredible global community of players over the years who have enjoyed this game as much as we have,” Zynga’s message said. “For this we say thank you.”

The company points out that in-app purchases with “Farm Cash” are still possible until November 17. After that, the game’s payment system will be completely shut down. Purchases and refunds will then no longer be possible. The remaining credit will then expire on December 31.

FarmVille was launched in 2009 and is one of the most popular games on Facebook. Zynga has already announced “Farmville 3” and is also focusing on mobile devices as a platform.

As Adobe is ending Flash support for all browsers at the end of the year, all Flash games will no longer be available from that date.

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