XBox Series X release date and sources of supply from Best Buy, Target, Walmart and others.


The release date of the Xbox series X is today, November 10, 2020, but for gamers who missed the pre-orders, there is still a chance to get their hands on the console.

When the pre-orders for the Xbox Series X and Series S opened in September, they sold out within minutes. It might not be too late though, as stores like Target and Walmart seem to offer consoles for online purchase and in-store pickup (depending on location), while Gamestop will sell the Xbox Series X in their stores on the day of launch.

The flagship Xbox Series X will cost $499.99, while the less powerful Xbox Series S, also released today, will cost $299.99. Some stores will also offer financing options for those who want to pay in installments.

Xbox Series X Best Buy

Best Buy will not sell the Xbox Series X in their stores, but they will have the console available on the website. After purchasing online, buyers can pick up their Xbox Series X at a store or by contactless pickup.

Both the Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S are currently sold out on, but the store says they will be available for purchase once they have the stock.

Xbox Series X Target

The Xbox X-Series console can be purchased online from Target, but only with a contactless drive-up or Order Pick-Up, meaning the console can only be purchased if stock is available at the buyer’s local store.

Xbox Series X Walmart

The Xbox Series X is available from 12 p.m. ET, November 10, available for online purchase at The consoles will then be delivered for collection at the customer’s local stores. Like Best Buy and Target, Walmart will not sell the consoles in its stores.

Xbox Series X Amazon

The Xbox Series X is currently not in stock at Amazon. In addition, some customers who pre-ordered the console from Amazon received emails saying that their Xbox Series X consoles may not be shipping for several weeks.

Xbox Series X Game Stop

Gamestop will sell a very limited number of Xbox X-Series consoles in the store and online from 7am on the day of launch, November 10th, as players are encouraged to go to the store early to have a chance to buy a console.

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